Spathiphyllum 'Platinum Mist'

Care Low maintenance, pest & disease are minimal.
Common names Peace Lily
Flowers Yes, flowering from spring to autumn.
Flower description White Flowers approx. 50 to 75cm above foliage.
Foliage The sprinkle of white coloured flecks on the leavves creates a 'mist-like' appearance.
Growth 1mtr (h) x 60cm (w)
Growth rate Medium
Habit Almost stemless, evergreen, perennial plants with short underground rhizomes that send up clusters of lance-shaped, varigated green leaves on sheathed leaf-stalk..
Origin Native to South America.
Position Indoor / Shaded areas
Pot size 200mm
Soil type Keep soil slightly moist but not wet.
Uses Indoor plant hire, tropical gardens, patio pots and house plant.