Crassula 'Argentea'

Care Water required is moderate to drought, pruning is required occasionally to encourage new growth.
Common names Jade Plant
Flowers Yes, winter flowering but fruit insignificant.
Flower description Abundant terminal clusters of small white flowers following development of pink sepal covered flower buds.
Foliage Emerald green flattened obovate leaves on succulent thick stems.
Growth 1mtr to 3mtr (h) x 1mtr to 3mtr (w)
Growth rate Medium
Habit Moderately vigorous and upright.
Origin South Africa
Position Full Sun / Part Shade
Pot size 140mm or 200mm Pot.
Soil type A well-drained or drier soil is an essential requirement.
Uses Container plant, atriums, entryways, patio planters, protected landscape beds.